0v3rfl0w - Super Villain

Alex Blackheart - Super Villain

Basileus - Super Villan

Baron Blackheart - Deceased Super Villain

Baroness Blackheart - Deceased Super Villain

Black Mark - Super Villain

Black Tiger - Super Villain

Black Widow - Member of Vigilant 8

Billy Zion - Member of the Vigilant 8

Captain Assam - Indian Super Hero

Captain Fantastic - Member of Kanarky Patrol

Captain Nemo - Member of Star Spangled Patriots

Copernicus - Member of Vigilant 8

Creakin' Gatlin - Deceased Blues Player 

Crocodile Rock - Super Villan

Dark Saint - Member of Star Spangled Patriots

Dirty Sanchez - Low Level Hoodlum

Donald Trump - President of the United States

Dudley Starks, Dr - Deseased Scientist

D-Rok - Member of Kanarky Patrol

Fingers McCaulley - Low Level Hoodlum

Flaming Heart - Former Member of Star Spangled Patriots

G@ndalf the @narchist - Controversial New Bedlam Blogger

Holy Joe - Member of Vigilant 8

Iron Duke - British Super Hero

Jello Jeff - Member of Kanarky Patrol

Lantec, Micky - Super Villan

Long Claw - Super Villain

Luck o' the Irish - Member of Kanarky Patrol

MC Speek E-Z - New Bedlam Hip Hop Artist

Microman - Super Villain

Monkey Girl - Indian Super Hero

Silent Witness - Member of Star Spangled Patriots

Stampede - Canadian Super Hero

Superior - Member of Vigilant 8

Taboo - Member of Legion of Tyranny

Teaboy - Indian Super Hero

Tommy D Griseman - Basketball Player for New Bedlam Broncos


Copernican League - Defunct Hero Group

Kanarky Patrol - Hero Group

Legion of Tyranny - Group of Villains

Star Spangled Patriots - Hero Group

United Heroes - Defunct Heroes Group

Vigilant 8 - US Unsanctioned Hero Group


New Bedlam - Large City in the Midwest of the USA

New Bedlam Palace Hotel - Posh Hotel in New Bedlam.

Paddy Garcia's - Dive Bar in New Bedlam

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